​Our Mission


We are committed to providing our feline rescues the best possible care until each finds a forever home. During their stay all are provided appropriate veterinary care and socialization. Special attention is paid to any who come in sick or have been abused or neglected. In addition, we strive to educate the public on the importance of proper veterinary care and of spaying and neutering, helping prevent unwanted litters and unnecessary deaths.



Our History


Sweet Faces Cat and Kitten Rescue was founded in 2015 when Waverly, Tennessee resident, Penny Lewis realized a need in her community.  Shelters in her area were euthanizing cats and kittens at alarming rates due simply to over-crowding and for easily treated illnesses.


It quickly became Penny's passion to help reduce the rate of euthanasia through spaying and neutering and by finding homes for as many orphaned cats as possible. As a result of her new found passion, Sweet Faces Cat and Kitten Rescue was born